2 Options For Snoring Surgery

Snoring is something that can often be uncomfortable both for you and for anyone who sleeps with you. Snoring can obstruct your airway, which can lead to sleep apnea. This means that you stop breathing for extended periods of time. Your snoring is likely uncomfortable for anyone who sleeps with you because it is going to wake them up all night long. Thankfully one procedure that can help with this a great deal is snoring surgery. Different snoring surgeries are going to work for different people, depending on the reason why they are snoring, as well as the severity of their snoring. Your doctor will be the one to determine this and tell you what treatment is best for you. This article will discuss 2 different options that you have for snoring surgery and how they are successfully performed to help you stop snoring. 

Nasal Surgery

A very common reason that people snore is when there is some sort of blockage inside their nasal cavity. While this may be something as simple as a stuffy nose that needs saline drops, it can also be much more permanent, such as some type of deformity in their nose. If this is the case, then this can often be repaired with surgery. If you have turbinates in your nose that are too large, these can be decreased in size to make breathing easier. Also, if you have a deviated septum, this can be corrected during surgery so that it is put back to where it needs to be and is no longer interfering with your breathing. 

Soft Palate Surgery

Your soft palate is the actual thing inside of your mouth that makes the snoring sound. Since this is the source of your snoring, there are several different surgeries that can be performed on it to help stop you from snoring. One procedure involves inserting polyester implants into your soft palate that stop it from vibrating up and down as you breath in and out of your mouth, thus effectively stopping you from snoring. Another procedure involves cauterizing the soft palate. Doing this damages the soft palate and requires it to heal. This healing process creates a scar on the soft palate that is more stiff than the regular skin. This can stop the soft palate from vibrating so much, and can also be effective in reducing or eliminating the snoring sound that it used to create. 

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